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Sound familiar?

“If it’s not digital, it’s virtually invisible.”
“If it’s not on the Web, it doesn’t exist.”

Why digitize?

Digital repositories are flexible resources that support every aspect of your mission, including teaching, research, public service, development, publication, and preservation. With this growing array of end-uses, building quality digital resources has become a core objective of every leading institution.

Why outsource digitization?

Does your schedule and budget allow you to: hire and train image professionals? find and purchase the right equipment? assign the proper space and provide infrastructure? ensure your equipment won’t become obsolete? methodically give every image the required attention i.e. scan, edit, correct, crop? perform extensive QC on all projects and then correct mistakes? ensure correct file directory organization? calculate all costs upfront and keep to your deadlines?

Digitizing assets means more than just simple scanning. It's a complex process with a lot of variables. Our quotes will be lower than what you can do in-house and while there are many vendors to choose from only Luna Imaging will provide you with the most for your digitization dollars. The digitization of resources represents a daunting commitment for all. Luna Imaging has developed unique digitization solutions and production processes that help our clients create quality, lasting digital archives, and cost effectively realize the full potential of their assets.

Are you asking yourself "So, where do I start?!”

What should be the definition and scope of a digital image project for my visual collections? How do I prioritize the digitization of my existing film and print resources? How do I avoid the common pitfalls? How do I prepare? How do I ensure my budget is well spent and my project stays on schedule?

A call to Luna Imaging is a great start.

We can help you plan and carry out complete projects in our studios, or in an on-site Luna studio at your location. We are always available to speak with you and answer your digitization questions. If you just want a ball-park estimate to help establish project parameters for an RFP, or if you need a detailed quote, give us a call. When you’re ready to begin, we have the staff with the expertise ready to help.

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