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Making a smooth transition from the traditional to the digital is, for many institutions, a daunting prospect. Over the next several years, every organization with existing visual holdings will have to "think digitally." All face the same critical challenges: how to create high-quality image resources of lasting value; how to contend with the special requirements of large collections and demanding source materials, and how to integrate images with associated descriptive information. Equally important will be the most effective ways to manage and use these growing assets.

Luna's unparalleled reputation for quality scanning and digital photography combined with over a decade of experience building image collections for some of the most highly reputable institutions worldwide make Luna's imaging professionals a valuable resource to help ensure your own project's success.

Luna Professional Services consultants can manage and deliver all of the skills and tasks to complete imaging projects from cradle to grave, or provide auxiliary services to scale projects or augment your institution's own work. Luna Imaging consulting services can help your organization through the entire digital imaging life cycle to create lasting visual collections online in digital form.

Image Content Management

  • Needs Analysis - help you define your image collection goals and assess what you'll need to achieve them
  • Metadata Design - custom relational database design to suit your cataloging needs
  • Data Migration - legacy data migration & conversions
  • Data Enhancement - editing data for vocabulary & consistency to increase accessibility
  • Insight Software Configuration - custom configuration to suit your special needs

Digital Imaging

  • Needs Analysis - help you define your conversion goals and assess what you'll need to achieve them
  • Digital Studios - Luna operated, or built specifically for your Institution to operate
  • Image Evaluations - advise on how to get the best quality digital image from your source materials

Software Training

  • End-User - how to search, retrieve, and use image collections for research, teaching, or browsing
  • System Administrator - how to maintain the Insight enterprise software suite
  • Collection Building - how to build new collections from the ground up using Insight software

For more information on Luna's consulting services please contact a Luna representative at or by calling 800-452-LUNA.

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