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June 2013

--New LUNA released June, 2013

LUNA is a complete web-based solution for managing, storing, and delivering your content.

Learn more about LUNA's powerful features.


February 2012

--Insight v6.3.6 + LUNA released on February 8, 2012

Release includes support for LUNA on the iPad, ipod, and iPhone, OAI-PMH improvements, support for Shibboleth and more.

For more details please visit the v6.3.6 information page.

May 2011

--Insight v6.3.5 + LUNA released on May 20, 2011

Release includes enhanced search engine optimization (SEO) , OAI-PMH improvements, ability to add a canonical URL to your LUNA collections, ability to control the order of how collections are listed, and more.

For more details please visit the v6.3.5 information page.

August 2010

--Insight v6.3 + LUNA released on August 11, 2010

BookReader Integration Revolutionizes LUNA! We are delighted to announce the arrival of a major game changer to LUNA with the Insight + LUNA v6.3 release. In addition to the BookReader we've included full text search, OAI-PMH compliance, and more.

For more details please visit the v6.3 information page.

May 2010

--Insight + LUNA User Forum Launched

In an effort to encourage more dialogue amongst our valued Insight + LUNA user community, we've created the Insight + LUNA User Forum. More than just a simple forum, it will also contain articles on a variety of topics. The user forum is no replacement for support but rather a step towards building a more robust online community for our clients.

Anyone can view the posted threads and articles. But in order for users to post a thread, or, to comment on an article please take a moment to register:

December 2009

--Insight v6.2.2 + LUNA released on December 11, 2009

The two most exciting new features for this release are the option of eCommerce integration and multiple resolution export within the LUNA browser.

Designed for Pictopia printing services but developed in a generic way that may be used for other print on demand services, the eCommerce solution adds a “Buy” link to the Detail View within LUNA. This allows each and every object in a collection to easily be available for reproductions.

LUNA users now have additional export options from the Detail View. Collection administrators can control what level of resolutions are available for export.

For more details please visit the v6.2.2 information page.

September 2009

--Insight v6.2.1 + LUNA released on September 8, 2009

Developed to give end users even more useful tools, the v6.2.1 release introduces support for annotations and a new feature called My Uploads.

As its name implies, the annotation tool allows users to add annotations to images and control whether these annotations are public or private. Annotations can be text annotations like we've had in the past, but we've added support for HTML which allows using embeddable widgets and reference links in annotations.

My Uploads allows users to upload images and various other file types from their desktop directly into LUNA. Insight administrators will control whether or not a user has permission to use this feature. With this new feature we've created a platform where institutional and personal content can truly be integrated.

For more details please visit the v6.2.1 information page.

May 2009

--Insight v6.2 + LUNA released on May 15, 2009

We are pleased to announce the release of Insight v6.2 + LUNA. It is an especially exciting release for our community of users as it includes the completion of the LUNA Commons development with newly added functionality in the LUNA Publisher.

With v6.2 institutions can now independently publish collections to the LUNA Commons ( as well as aggregate collections from the LUNA Commons. While most other collection building tools create isolated collections we’ve built a system which allows institutions to easily share and promote their public collections. It also means we’ve made it easy for institutions to gain access to free, valuable content just by upgrading to Insight v6.2.

As our clients upgrade to v6.2 the list of available free collections will continue to grow. To see what is currently available visit

For more details on the v6.2 release, please visit the v6.2 information page.

June 2008

--Insight v6.0 + LUNA released on June 13, 2008

We are pleased to announce the release of Insight v6.0 + LUNA.

LUNA is the dynamic web-based front end to Insight collections. With LUNA, users can perform simple keyword searches as well as more complex structured queries, and control how they view, browse, and organize their results to create Media Groups and presentations. LUNA includes the Web 2.0 tools end users are demanding which enable them to save and share their work by linking and embedding any view, image, group, or presentation.

For more details on the v6.0 release, please visit the v6.0 information page.


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