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Options and Pricing

We want to offer you the best solution for your organization and hope one of the following 4 options will meet your needs. If they don't, contact us and we'll see if there's a custom solution that's right for you.

  1. Hosted Service
  2. Site License
  3. Imaging Services + FREE Delivery in LUNA
  4. Consortia

Not sure which is the best option for you? Request a live demo and we'll walk you through all your options.

1. Hosted Service — $3,000

Our most economical option, our Hosted Service includes hosting, training, support and the LUNA software in one bundle starting at just $3000/year for up to 20GB of storage.

Most organizations are changing the way they think about server architecture and how they provide their IT infrastructure. Virtualized environments, Software as a Service, and cloud computing are all being embraced as reliable, cost-effective alternatives to the traditional model. If you’re ready to stop spending time on complex software installation, upgrades and backups, this is your solution.

2. Site License — $15,000

LUNA is available as a Site License for unlimited content at a one time charge starting at $15,000. LUNA resides on your server and to receive updates and support, we have a renewable Maintenance and Support contract at Basic, Standard, and Premium levels.

3. Imaging Services + FREE Delivery in LUNA

We provide a wide array of imaging services, and can combine these services with our LUNA software to provide you with a complete solution. Once digitized, we'll do the work of uploading your content and any associated data into LUNA. Your final deliverables will include the digitized images as well as a complete web-based toolset for viewing them online. Contact us for details, request a quote for imaging services, try a free trial of LUNA.

4. Consortia

LUNA was built around the concept of facilitating collection sharing. Whether you’re a member of a small or large consortium, the LUNA tools will fit right in. Each member can access the web-based toolset and publish content to one interface while the sophisticated admin tools make managing access to all these different collections and users effortless. Consortial pricing is available for both Site License and Hosted Solution. Contact us for details on consortial pricing.


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