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Whether you want Preservation Scanning, where we employ linear array equipment to capture every pixel point or our camera focused area array Access Capture, we offer a range of services to meet your needs as well as your budget.

Preservation Scanning

We made a name for ourselves with our Preservation Scanning services and continue to offer this quality service today. Options:

  • Luna Archive: The foundation of our Preservation Scanning, the Luna Archive service consists of image capture with bright/dark points and other scanner metrics, but no custom editing.

  • Custom Archive: The Custom Archive service may introduce color correction or custom crops to optimize the results you are after.

Access Capture

Now one of our most popular methods to fulfill a broad range of specifications for your source material. Price of course is a leading benefit, but you don't have to sacrifice on quality. Options:
  • Access Capture: Our new Access Capture services are unique in that they carry on Luna Imaging's tradition of quality and care in digitization, while providing you a faster and less costly way to make your collections more visible.

  • Rapid Capture: Rapid capture techniques that were originally developed to capture books can have now been adapted for special collections including manuscripts, photographs, and oversized materials. High quality capture and careful handling donít have to be costly!

  • Book Capture: In addition to books, this type of service is ideal for yearbooks, manuscripts, newsletters, directories, and catalogs. With over a decade of experience, our in-house team of qualified professionals provides excellent world-class service at very competitive rates.

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