Add External Media to a Media Group

In addition to media from Insight® collections displayed in LUNA, you can search for images in Flickr using the External Media Search tool and add them to the Active Media Group. You can also add your own content to a Media Group using the My Uploads feature.

  1. Click on the Explore > External Media Search from the LUNA Main Menu, or when in a Media Group click on the Add External Media icon.  

  2. You'll be taken to the External Media Search page where you simply type in a Keyword search term, or username to search for images.

  3. To add a Flickr image to your Default Media Group roll over the image and click on the Add to my Active Media Group icon in the upper left corner. You’ll know the image has been added when you see the spinning icon and the image is then grayed out.

  4. By clicking on Go To Source you will be re-directed to the image in the Flickr application.


About Finding Images in Flickr

About Flickr Content

Content from Flickr comes from many varied places, notably the general public. But recently several important public institutions have been taking advantage of Flickr's services and posting their images to the Flickr Commons. Current contributors include: New York Public Library; Field Museum; National Library of New Zealand; Library of Virginia; Smithsonian Institution; National media Museum.


Many additional institutions are expected to join the Library of Congress and the Powerhouse Museum in contributing important content to Flickr that you'll then be able to work with and add to your LUNA Media Groups.


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